Jupiter 9

Jupiter 9

Special today- 2 Russian lenses…

My Jupiter 9 arrived in the mail 🙂

This is an 85mm f/2 lens that has been in production for many years (since the 50s). Mine is not particularly old, it was made in 1985 (you can tell by the first 2 letters of the serial number) in the Litkarino plant near Moscow. I paid a little more than I usually do for this one ($130) but I really wanted one of these, and I’m very happy as it seems that the eBay seller in Russia was honest in his description of it and it is in absolutely mint condition, it even came with it’s own, dedicated hard case 🙂

I haven’t really had time to do any more than put it on the camera and take it outside and make sure everything works, but I can already see that the 15 curved aperture blades make for some really beautiful bokeh 🙂 I can’t wait to take this one out for a real test!

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