If it’s Wednesday…

If it’s Wednesday…

…it must be time to play with another vintage, Russian lens 🙂

I have 2 more lenses on their way to me (I guess it’s healthy that I know I have a problem- right?), an 85mm Jupiter 9 should be arriving today from Russia, and a 135mm Jupiter 37A has just left Kiev in the Ukraine on it’s way to me, but I realized I had not really played with one that arrived a couple of weeks ago: the Industar 50-2.

This is a funny little lens, originally designed for rangefinder cameras, that is dwarfed by the adapter that mounts it on my Sony A7iii (it would look truly silly on my Canon 5D3!), but is actually takes some very nice pictures. It is a 50mm f/3.5 lens with a slightly odd set up with the aperture settings on the front of the lens, and no “steps” in setting it; this is quite nice as you can infinitely adjust your aperture, but until you get used to it it’s easy to change it inadvertently while focusing. It is slightly soft, but in a nice way, wide open and doesn’t really get all that sharp stopped down, but there is a nice “dreamy” quality to it’s pictures. It flares dramatically (see below), but I’m actually intrigued by this and really want to see if I can use it creatively, and it has some very nice, slightly swirly, bokeh.

All in all a very nice,cheap addition to the stable, I paid $24.50 for it, that I think will be fun to play with 🙂

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