The weather this morning was lovely after the torrential rain we had yesterday (the remnants of Florence), so it was a perfect day to take one of my “new” vintage Russian lenses into the woods with Holly 🙂

This one is a 1970s era 50mm lens with a nice, fast f/1.7 aperture which creates some lovely bokeh, it’s the Zenitar-M 1.7/50.  It is surprisingly sharp wide open, and the bokeh is nice and soft: not as dreamlike and in-your-face as the swirly bokeh of the Helios 44-2, but still very pleasant. Everything in the woods was still wet and glistening, so it was just right for the slightly dreamy softness this lens creates. This one will definitely get a lot of use!

Next time it will be the turn of the dinky little Industar-50-2 🙂

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