Rainy Wednesday

Rainy Wednesday

Rainy this morning, then it brightened for a while, then showery again. But the next couple of days are supposed to be gorgeous!

We spent a happy morning smooching around the Vermont Country Store just down the road in Weston, buying silly things that are probably available cheaper on the interwebs, but who knew we needed one of these!?

After a spot of lunch Holly and I headed out to tackle the Lost Mine Trail again (Crisp decided not to join us this time!) while Jackie did a spot of shopping. We did it this time in under an hour, which I am quite proud of considering the terrain and the elevation! I tracked it with my watch and my heart rate went up to 165 and averaged 147.

I did not take many pics today so here are some sunrise and drone pics etc. from yesterday (not edited- these are just what Google Photos auto-magically pulls together from the jpgs, I will do a full edit of the RAW files when I get home)… I have noticed I obviously have some smutch on the sensor of the A7iii (a known problem with mirrorless cameras as you don’t have the mirror to protect the sensor when you change lenses), easily fixed in post-processing, but I will have to give it a good clean when we get back to Rye.

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