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Jackie went up to Connecticut this evening to help out with the new baby, so I spent a happy evening in the Church copier room (where we have a big, wall-mounted power strip and we keep the AC on 24/7) working on the new laptops. I got Windows successfully moved onto the new M2 drives on all of them, and did some tinkering so they all save documents and pictures etc. to the old, large, traditional hard drive by default.

Oh, and I uninstalled McAfee from all of them (ugh) and replaced it with my favorite free anti-virus, AVG 🙂

One thing I did notice though- the wifi really doesn’t like it when they’re all lined up like that! I guess the antennas are in the lids behind the screens and they do not play well together when they’re all in close proximity like that, if I staggered them a little it was much better.

So tomorrow should be pretty easy, I’ve just got to install a few more useful apps (Chrome, Irfanview and VLC etc.) but Ninite will do most of the work for that, and then sort out an Office 365 license for each of them…

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