A very pleasant day

A very pleasant day

After breakfast at the Country Girl Diner we headed for Quechee Gorge where Crisp, Holly and I hiked down to the bottom and back while Jackie bought many pounds of cheese 🙂

After a stop at Walmart over the border in NH on the way home (various necessities including a cheap tripod as I’d forgotten mine in the whirl of leaving- doh!) we came home for some lunch and just kinda hung out for the afternoon. I took some pictures and flew my drone for a bit, and Jackie and I hiked up to the top of the road we’re on (which dead-ends about 3/4 a mile up but gets quite steep).

We had dinner at a very nice place called Neal’s on the road to Ludlow and then came home to make more s’mores 🙂

The only flies in the ointment are that Jackie is battling an ear infection (wouldn’t be a vacation without)  and we have a slow leak in the driver’s front tire on the car that we discovered this evening. Oh well, Jackie is dosed with Advil and brought ear-drops with her so hopefully she’ll feel better in the morning, and we’ve been recommended a reputable place to get the tire fixed tomorrow- they open at 8 so I intend to be there just before so we lose as little of the day as possible.

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