A new lease on life…

A new lease on life…

Crisp has just finished the first week of school, and though one class is not what we expected (Stress and Coping turned out to be much more aimed at future therapists, so she’s dropping that) a spot opened up in the Intro to Creative Writing course she really wanted to do. So her classes have ended up being: First Year Seminar, Introduction to Environmental Science, Introduction to Creative Writing, Introduction to Sociology, and Photography: from Camera to Darkroom. I think it’s a really nice mix, and she seems to agree 🙂 Sociology is the surprise in the bunch- we encouraged her to go for that, and though she wasn’t really sure what to expect she came home raving about it.

The photography class is very retro- it’s all about black and white photography using film and how to then process and create the final pictures in a darkroom (can you tell how jealous I am?). But for the class we have to buy a slew of rolls of b&w 35mm film, photo paper and other stuff, and she needs a manual, 35mm film camera. Luckily she is the child of two pack-rats who never throw anything away, so we were able to dig out both my and Jackie’s old film cameras 🙂

Mine is a West German Praktica MTL5 from the mid 80s, and Jackie’s is an Olympus OM F (also known as the OM30) from the same period. My old Praktica is a truly basic camera- manual everything with no extras except a very simple analog exposure meter in the viewfinder, and it has a fairly generic Tessar 50mm f/2.8 lens on it (though it uses the M42 lens mount so my beloved Helios 44-2 would fit on it). Jackie’s is a much higher end deal, with a basic auto exposure setting (you set the aperture and it picks the shutter speed) as well as the regular manual setting, with an Olympus Zuiko OM 50mm f/1.8 lens on it. After a bit of cleaning and new batteries they both seem to be in very nice shape 🙂

Before Jackie reminded me that we had these, I had already gone onto the KEH website ( a treasure-trove of used camera gear of all types) and ordered a used Canon Rebel GII for $41, which is a much more modern beast from around 2001. It has all sorts of modes including full auto, Tv, Av, etc. and 3 autofocus points! It can also be used in full manual mode (which I’m guessing  will be what’s wanted for this class), but the main reason I grabbed it was that it uses Canon EF lenses, which I have a boatload of, so Crisp can take her choice. I got the shipping notification from KEH before I’d been reminded about the other ones, so it was too late to cancel the order, and I guess I could send it back, but it was so cheap it’s probably not worth the hassle.

So she can take all three into class next week and see which one the professor thinks will be best for the class 😉

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