More enjoying living in the future

More enjoying living in the future

I am very jealous of Crisp starting an old-school photography course shooting film and playing with chemicals in a darkroom! But it got me thinking about how much things have changed since I started taking pictures a long time ago. After the usual Kodak Instamatics my first real SLR camera when I was a teenager was a rugged old Zenit. I don’t remember which model I had, but I remember joking that it could take a fall from a second-story window and keep working. I sold all my camera gear at some point in my early 20s and didn’t really do much until I got my first digital camera after Crisp was born- and since then I have been totally smitten by the improvements that have followed from my first DSLR (a Canon XSi that I still have and use for  photo booth work) through the various APS-C Canons up to the amazing 7DII and the stunning full-frame 5DIII. And now I’m using the Sony A7iii, just browse back in the blog a little and you’ll see how much I love it 🙂

But one of the most amazing things that has happened over the last 10 years or so is the ridiculous improvements in the camera we all carry in our pockets- on our phones. Just take a look at this, the first picture I posted on my Saxon Woods Blog in October 2010 …

That was taken with my T-Mobile G2, then state of the art. Compare that with three versions of today’s picture, taken with my Samsung Galaxy Note8, a phone that is now a year old. The first one is straight off the phone. And it’s not just the camera, it’s the computing power of the phones too and what that allows you to do. The second is the same picture with quick edit using the phone version of Adobe Lightroom, the desktop software that I use on my desktop workstation. And the last one is with a sun flare added using Lens Distortions, another fun little program I have on my phone. It’s quite ridiculous that all this can be done with a computer the size of a bar of Fruit and Nut! …

There’s no substitute for a real camera, but they say that the best camera is always the one in your hand, however the ones in our pockets are pretty amazing! 

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