Information at your fingertips!

Information at your fingertips!

I love living in the information age 🙂

I had noticed a few days ago that one of the outer tail-lights of the old Civic was out, so I ordered new ones from Amazon (LED, brighter and with a much longer lifespan than the old incandescents) which came yesterday. I popped them in yesterday afternoon and when I was out with the dog for last outs later  in the evening I thought I’d see how bright they actually are in the dark. It was then that I noticed that the inner tail-lights and the license plate lights were all out too (all on the trunk lid), but when I opened the trunk to take a look at the bulbs they all came on, and when I closed the trunk they all went off… odd!

A quick Google of “04 Honda Civic license plate lights go off when trunk opened” led me to this document, a Honda service bulletin describing the exact symptoms, the cause (a wiring splice that breaks over time), and how to fix it. So this morning, with some wire and bullet connectors I already had in the workshop and 15 minutes lying on my back in the trunk, I’m good to go- nice bright outer tail-lights, working inner ones and working license plate lights 🙂 The interwebs saved me a trip to the mechanic, and quite possibly a ticket!

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