Summer Schedule

Summer Schedule

As of this Sunday we switch to our Summer Schedule (1 service on Sunday at 9), and this year, weather permitting, we plan to do them all outside at the Columbarium altar. It’s a lovely, shady spot at 9am on a Sunday morning, except for the altar itself- which is in full sun (these pics were taken at 10:30, when the sun is a little higher). 

So I’ve spent a happy couple of mornings climbing trees and rigging a shade sail. It’s cunningly supported by paracord through a series of pulleys, so it can be fairly easily adjusted nearer or further from the altar as the sun changes over the summer. And though it is porous so the rain won’t collect and weigh it down, it can also be easily taken in if there are thunderstorms with strong winds in the forecast.

Now I’ve just got to bring out the chairs and work out where the lectern and electric piano etc. will go…

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