A new car!

A new car!

Well, actually a really old one 😉

Now that Crisp is driving and is getting ready to go back to school (and in fact is taking another class at WCC 3 days a week in July- “Western Civilizations to 1648”) she needs her own wheels, so we put the word out to our mechanic and he found us this… a 2004 Honda Civic. It’s actually a little older than we were looking for (and has a lot of miles on it), but I had him do a full inspection of it and he said it is a solid vehicle apart from needing a doorhandle and a little suspension and brake work. He gave me a price for everything it needs and the seller agreed to take almost all of it off the price, so once it’s all done we should have a good little runabout for a very good price. Honda Civics regularly do well over 300,000 miles and this one is on it’s second engine, so with any luck we should get a good few years out of it 🙂

We’re actually going to give Crispy my car (the little blue Accent) and I will take this as the new dog-mobile, so mostly it will just run backwards and forwards to Saxon Woods. It’s very clean inside and though it has a few ripples in the bodywork here and there it seems to have no rust I can find, and it has a nice, aftermarket stereo that connects with my phone via Bluetooth- so I can listen to the World Service without having to put in a satellite radio 🙂

It was dropped off on Friday, too late to go to the DMV, so with no plates I can’t drive it anywhere yet. But I will try and get there first thing on Monday so I can take it straight to the mechanic to get all the work done and hopefully be on the road by Tuesday 🙂

I had the drone out this afternoon to do a shakedown flight (in case it needed any long firmware updates or anything) as I want to fly it tomorrow and get some pics and B-roll of the church picnic, so just for the fun of it here’s a little fly-around of the new/old wheels…

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