The A7iii goes to church

The A7iii goes to church

I took my rented A7iii out for a final day today at work. I shot the services and the coffee hour etc. afterwards as I would normally do if it was a high day or holy day, and I have to say I’m very happy with the way it performed 🙂

There is definitely a very steep learning curve with this camera- and the menu system is less than obvious and easy to navigate (I downloaded the user manual before it srrived- it’s over 600 pages long!), but after using the camera extensively I made a lot of use of the customizable buttons and “my menu” to put the features I found myself changing a lot at my fingertips, and they really are at your fingertips- after the 5Diii this things is quite tiny with a lot more buttons! I often found myself hitting the wrong button (especially starting recording a movie as I like back-button focus and put it on the button right next to it, thankfully I found a way to turn off the movie button unless the camera was in movie mode). And really that’s my only real criticism of this camera- I just wish it was a little bigger, but then I do have big hands and I’m used to a much bigger DSLR, I found by the end of the weekend I was hitting the wrong buttons far less.

So, here are a whole bunch of pictures I took today at church- I’m not going to list all the settings, I will just list which lens each one was taken with… I will say that I did switch between my 2 Canon 70-200 lenses, the f/2.8 IS L II and the f/4 L, and with the in-camera stabilization I think I’d be quite happy with just the f/4 is that’s all I had, there is not a whole lot of real-world difference in this kind of shooting 🙂 I have made these files a little smaller as there’s so many of them so they’ll load quicker, and I do realize that I have kind of rushed them through post using a lot of the usual tweaks I would use shooting with the 5Diii; when my A7iii arrives (yes, I have ordered one) I will need to refine the way I edit it’s files, but for now these give you a good idea of how it shoots-

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