Possible new camera

Possible new camera

So I am very surprised to say that I am considering a new main camera that is not a Canon!

I have been saving up for a while (including the coins I took to the bank yesterday, and some of my tax refund) to upgrade my camera. I have been super happy with my Canon 5D mark 3, but the 5D mark 4 has just started to appear on Canon’s refurbished website (I’ve got most of my gear from there and have had really good luck with all of it) and so I was looking forward to the slightly higher resolution sensor, better auto-focus, better low light capabilities etc.

But while I was doing my research I started to see a lot of reviews of the new Sony mirrorless camera that has just come out, the A7 mark 3. This has been touted by Sony as their new “basic model” full-frame sensor camera, but it’s anything but! It has an auto-focus system that blows Canon and Nikon totally out of the water, has better dynamic range than the Canon DSLRs, and has a slightly lower resolution sensor (24MP) than the 5Div (30MP) but slightly higher than the 5Diii (23MP), but the low light capability is actually slightly better than the 5Div.

There are advantages and disadvantages to a mirrorless camera vs a DSLR (there’s a very good comparison here), but the more I look into them the more I am intrigued.

The biggest obstacle to switching is the investment I have in Canon lenses, I was planning to sell my 5Diii to finance part of this upgrade, but it would be a huge pain in the ass to sell all the lenses I know and love and have scrimped and saved for over the years and try and replace them with Sony glass. However, they make adapters that allow you to mount Canon lenses and use them on Sony cameras… and if they work well (especially if the awesome Sony autofocus system works well), then it becomes a workable solution.

As the new Sony is so new, there are only a couple of reviews on YouTube etc. of how well it works with adapted Canon glass, and there are two different adapters that people recommend using with different lenses, so I decided to find out for myself what will work best with mine! I have rented an A7iii and both adapters for the weekend so that I can put the whole setup through its paces with my stable of lenses. I plan on trying it in the woods, at church and at coffee hour on Sunday, and in all the usual places I shoot 🙂

The camera and one of the adapters (an MC-11 if you’re keeping score) arrived from LensRentals today (a day early- yay!), and the other adapter (a Metabones V) is due to arrive from BorrowLenses tomorrow (neither place had both available). So I have been out for a quick walk in the woods with it with my Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8 and my Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II, and so far I am very impressed! The AF works really well and I’m loving the pictures I am getting- it’s quite a complicated camera, the learning curve is very steep as I’m basically learning a whole new way of shooting, but I’m a quick study 🙂

Here’s a few examples…

So far so good 🙂 watch this space for more…

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