Voting with your wallet

Voting with your wallet

I’ve been thrilled watching all the companies that have been cutting their ties with the NRA recently (the NRA have been absolutely disgusting in their reaction to the Parkland shooting), And I realized I could perhaps do something when I found out that Lockton Affinity was the insurance broker that administered the NRA “Carry Guard” insurance, and they are the same company that handles the insurance policy I have for my camera gear through my membership with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America).

I went on the PPA message boards and asked whether there was some way the PPA could put any pressure on Lockton to get them to drop their business links with the NRA- and after a couple of people replied the thread was mysteriously deleted. So I posted again asking why this question had been deleted, and that was deleted. A couple of hours later I got an email from someone at the PPA telling me my thread had been deleted as it was against the rules as it was not directly to do with the business of photography. I replied to the email saying that I disagreed, but would abide by the rules if the they would tell me where I could discuss this. No response. The next day another member posted a question to the same message board asking where my posts had gone as he was interested in the same issue, and his post was quickly deleted.

So, at this point I did the only thing I could do and contacted Lockton and cancelled my policy. And I have no idea is it had anything to do with it (but I like to think it was a small part of the pressure brought to bear), but they have now dropped their participation with the NRA 🙂

I feel kind of bad that I have cancelled my policy with them, but I have actually found a much better camera insurance policy with better coverage for less money with another company, Athos Insurance, who were very happy to tell me they have no business links to the NRA!

And as I no longer have to keep my membership up with the PPA to qualify (it was a requirement of the policy I had with Lockton), I was very happy to call them and cancel my membership in protest of their head-in-the-sand refusal to discuss the NRA issue. So I save even more money there 🙂

Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally agree that gun owners should have insurance, just not the way this Carry Guard is set up- this is really just a policy to defend you when you shoot someone (it has been referred to as “murder insurance”). I think guns should be treated more like cars: you should have to register them and get a license and carry annual insurance like you do for your car. If owning a gun requires more than just the cost of the buying it and has an annual price as well, maybe people will think twice about buying them and treat them with more respect when they do.

And I have nothing against the majority of the NRA members. I think a great many of them are for responsible gun ownership and would agree with sensible regulations, however the leadership of the organization has gone way to far in their knee-jerk refusal to discuss any kind of gun control, and their ridiculous power over so many GOP politicians has got to be broken before there can be any real discussion. And if you feel the same way and like my logo (above) you can get it on a t-shirt or a button or a car magnet at the CafePress store I set up.

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