The morning after…

The morning after…

After listening to the wind whistling down the chimney and around the building all night, it seems to have died down a bi this morning. We were very lucky (unlike some- sorry Robyn!) and never lost power and after a quick walk around this morning these bits of fence by the education wing entrance seem to be the only casualties- and I’ve already temporarily screwed the green fence panels back in and pulled the white fence up straight with some rope. We will eventually need  to get the fence posts properly reset and probably replace a bit, but I think we came off pretty lucky.

I persuaded the treasurer to let me have all the trees assessed and maintained last year (we took down a couple and took off any suspect limbs), and it seems to have been money well spent, as other than a few small branches and lots of twigs littering the place all the trees stayed up and we didn’t lose any large limbs (unlike Resurrection Church down the street that lost 2 huge trees!).

Overall we seem to have come through pretty unscathed- I can’t wait to get to the woods this afternoon and see what happened there! I will take a camera with me and post anything interesting 🙂



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