Snow Day

Snow Day

Kind of a boring day, stuck inside mostly because of the snow. But the good thing about that is that there’s no-one else here so I can fool around in the Parish Hall with my baby drone 🙂

I’m starting to get quite proficient zooming it about- and so far still on the first set of props (and if you remember the first few test sessions with my little racing drone a few years ago you’ll know how awesome that is!). The video is still pretty choppy, but I suspect that’s because the lights were off and I turned the quality all the way up, but the stills are excellent (the one on the right was taken through one of the upper PH windows).

Now I’ve run the battery down I shall go home and do some more studying for my Part 107 certification (drone pilot license so I can fly my other drone commercially), but here’s a couple of zany videos for the fun of it…

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