Playing with old lenses… 2

Playing with old lenses… 2

The second of my Ebay purchases arrived today, and this one was a real bargain- $20 with free shipping!

It’s a Starblitz 28mm, f/2.8 macro prime, and I have to say that after just a quick trip out with it this is a sweetheart of a lens 🙂 I’ve never heard of Starblitz, but from what I can find out on the web it’s a lens that was sold under this name and a bunch of others around 1986-8. The copy I got is very clean and is pretty darn sharp when the focus is right, but it has a very nice, slightly dreamy quality when the subject is up close, and a very nice bokeh. It also has a macro feature that seems to work very well too. I got a quick shot of the pine tree in the parking lot while the sun was out, and was very impressed with the colors. The sun had gone by the time I took it to the woods, but a little tweak in Lightroom brought out some very nice pictures…

For $20 this is definitely a keeper!

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