Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

The Sunday before last (Kate’s first) I realized right before the service that the wireless mic I had given her wasn’t working. I swapped it out for one that did work, but I also discovered that one of the others was also dead. I did a little research the next day and it turned out that one of the two dual-receivers that each handles 2 wireless channels had gone on the fritz. Unfortunately they don’t make components that use the frequencies our system used any more, and as it is now 12 years old the only replacements available are used ones on Ebay that are as old as the ones we have.

The budget is a little tight at the moment, so I called Shure (the manufacturers) and one of their tech support guys was awesome and spent nearly an hour on the phone with me helping me put together a replacement system that would fit in our existing equipment rack and use the same wiring and antennas as the old system. It consists of 4 receivers, each with a bodypack and lavalier microphone (though it uses the same mic connector as the old ones, so the we can save the old mics as backups), along with 2 handheld mics that we can use in place of 2 of the bodypacks if we need to. This is all connected to a new antenna distribution system that also powers all 4 receivers (that made the installation a whole lot easier!).

I set us up with a tax-exempt account at B and H in the city, and ordered everything last Friday- and today it all arrived! So I spent a happy afternoon up to my armpits in wiring, taking out the old system and plumbing in the new 🙂 It all went according to plan and it seems to work very well, and I’m super happy it’s all in place with a weekend to put it through it’s paces with a Passion Play rehearsal on Saturday and a Sunday morning before we hit Holy Week!

Here are some pics of the installation…

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