Another new toy :)

Another new toy :)

So another new toy arrived today…

And before you say it- I know it looks like I do nothing but buy toys to play with , but I pre-ordered this when they announced it a few months ago and had forgotten all about it until it arrived today!

It’s a baby drone called the Ryze Tello, a little tiny thing no bigger than my hand that cost just $99. It’s not a patch on my big DJI Mavic, but DJI did supply some of the electronics and the software for this.

Though it doesn’t have the GPS and all the sensors or the camera gimbal that the big one does, it certainly leaves all the other budget drones in the dust! It has a fixed camera (so unfortunately you can’t make it look down from above you) that takes electronically stabilized HD (720p) video and 5MP stills, sensors on the belly that keep it remarkably stable and in one spot when it’s hovering, and it sends it’s video signal to your phone (that you use to control it) so you can see what it sees 🙂

It’s not really going to be any good outdoors in any kind of wind, but it’s great fun to fly indoors on a windy day like today and it’ll be a blast on a still day outside 🙂

The camera is pretty good- here are a few snaps I took today on it’s maiden flight, along with a couple of videos. The video is a little choppy, but it’s pretty remarkable in the low light conditions in the building today…

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