Steppin’ out

Steppin’ out

I’ve been tracking my steps, not seriously but it’s kind of fun to know, since I got my late lamented Pebble Time watch. The Samsung Gear Sport that replaced it continues to track them for me (and also tracks “floors” every time you go up 10 feet) and most days I have no problem reaching my 12,000 step goal- and on particularly busy days  I sometimes get up into the low 20,000s.

Jackie has started walking more over the last month or two, often taking a few “loops” around the church after dinner, so I have been looking around for a step counter for her as a bit of encouragement, but she didn’t want a new watch or anything big and bulky. Then I found this- the Amazfit Equator. It’s actually really cool as the step counter is the ceramic bead with the hole in the middle. It can be snapped into this silicone bracelet or worn as a necklace, and it just drops into a recess on top of a little base to charge and lasts 10-20 days. There are no moving parts and no read-out or buttons, it syncs by Bluetooth with your phone and you see your steps and sleep info (yes, it tracks the quality of your sleep too) on an app on the phone.

It’s quite amazing that a small, smooth, shiny bead can have in it an accelerometer, battery, Bluetooth radio, and a processor to make it all run- we truly do live in the future ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyhow, Jackie likes it and has been blowing away her step goals which she has now raised up to 9,000!

I was joking around with Crisp that it would be fun to put it on the dog to track her steps, and was not really surprised to find after a little research that they actually make a canine step tracker called the FitBark (ha, ha). However the FitBark goes for $70, a little more than I’m prepared to spend just for shits and giggles to track the dog’s activity. I told her that if it was like $29.99 I’d be all over it (she thought it was very funny to find out that my limit for stupid purchases was $29.99).

Then I found this, the Tuokiy Pet Tracker for, you guessed it, $29.99! Even better it had a $4 coupon so after $3.99 for one-day shipping it was $29.98 ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s pretty basic, it clips to the collar with a silicone band and takes a coin cell battery that supposedly lasts between 30-90 days (we’ll see) and connects by Bluetooth to an app on your phone. You plug in all the info about your dog (breed, gender, age, weight etc.) and it gives you a suggested goal of an amount of active time per day (it suggests 100 minutes for Holly). So it doesn’t actually track steps, it tracks time by “activity”, “intense activity”, “sleep” or “deep sleep”.

Anyhow, it arrived this evening and was surprisingly easy to set up. We went out and did a quick walk down the Post Road to the High School and back along Milton Road to try it out, and this is what it shows:


So I’m pleasantly surprised to find it works and is tracking something, we’ll have to see what it shows after a good run in the woods tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰



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