Color-blind glasses

Color-blind glasses

I have always known that I am red/green color blind- apparently it’s my mother’s fault– but it has not really held me back (though I did have to cheat on the test they gave me when I joined the BBC). However I recently found this article about living with color-blindness that mentioned the Enchroma glasses that are supposed to help. I posted the article on Facebook and bemoaned the fact that when I did the eye test on their website it said I was a “strong protan” and there is only a 30% chance that their glasses will help me.

I have looked into the Enchroma glasses before, but this article made me revisit their website and take a closer look. While they are still expensive, the prices have come down, and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee; added to that, they now have a style that fits over your existing glasses, so if you need a prescription lens you don’t have to order a special pair and wait 6 weeks. They are a bit bug-eyed (that’s them, pictured above) but it does offer a chance to try them out.

We have just gotten our tax refund, so once I found that there was an optician in Stamford that was an authorized retailer I went down this afternoon to take a look. They do say that you should try them first outdoors in bright sunshine to see the effect, and for someone with my type of color-blindness it may take a few weeks of wearing them for your brain to remap itself for them to work, and as today was grey and rainy I wasn’t expecting too much- what I really wanted to know was whether they would fit over my glasses (I have a big head so my glasses are quite wide).

There are tons of videos online of people freaking out the first time they put them on, which did not happen to me… however I did notice something. I can’t quite put my finger on what it was, it was very subtle, but what I actually noticed most was that blues seemed much more vibrant. They put a bunch of colored pencils on the desk in front of me, and I actually correctly identified all but 2 of them.

So… I have ordered a pair which I will get in a couple of days. I figure I can wear them out and about, walking the dog etc., for a month or so and see if I start to notice any real difference. If I don’t I will just return them and I’ve not lost anything, and if they do work I will either keep them or return them and order a prescription pair that look a little more normal. Watch this space and I will post the results.

And now this is a perfect excuse to post my favorite color-blind video from HAWP (Hey Ash Watcha Playin’?)

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