More droning around

More droning around

 DJI have just released some new firmware for the Mavic, which makes taking panoramas much easier. You can just press a button and the drone will spin around and move it’s camera up and down and take nice, overlapping pictures that you can then stitch together as a panorama (it will also do this for you in the app, but it’s quite slow). It doesn’t allow for taking bracketed exposures and therefor HDR, which is the way I like to do it, but it’s a nice feature. It also lets you do full 360 degree panos (press a button and it spins and takes 34 shots) which you can turn into “tiny planets” like this 🙂

There is software that will create much higher definition version of this kind of thing using the processed RAW files from Lightroom, but I’m on the fence whether I want to pay for it.

And while I was out taking these pictures I also fooled around a bit with the “Point of Interest” mode, which allows you to set a spot as the center point, and then the drone will automatically fly around it staying aimed right at it while you can move in or out, change height, and aim the camera up and down. The following video demonstrates it quite nicely: I locked it onto the church steeple and then let it fly around while I manipulated the camera and the distance etc. This is going to be awesome once the Christmas tree in the parking lot is lit 🙂

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