Tough day

Tough day

I’ve spent most of the day packing up Cris’s dorm room.

We have a meeting with the school next week where we hope they will approve her going out on medical leave, which will leave the door open for her to hopefully try again next fall.

I figured as I am off today I should get a jump on getting everything out as she is back at home now. She, understandably, did not want to help, so I was on my own. I’ve got everything packed up and have taken two car loads home and I will probably be able to finish it with one more run in the next day or two.

It was tough! I certainly don’t blame her for any of this, nor do I blame ourselves, but that doesn’t stop me feeling incredibly sad about the way this has all fallen out.

But I need to be positive and hope that all goes well next week and for the rest of this year, and we can go in with more knowledge and a much better plan next fall!

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