More droning…

More droning…

I took the Mavic down to the soccer fields, just the other side of Playland Parkway, to start getting a proper feel for how it flies and what it can do. This is where I used to fly my other drone- it’s pretty quiet on weekdays and I’m not at risk of flying over a school or anything like that.

This thing continues to impress me! It is so easy to fly and position to take pictures, and even though it was occasionally giving me high wind warnings when I had it about 265 feet up, it was still steady enough to take 5 picture exposure bracketed shots that I could then turn into HDR shots in Lightroom! This thing is so good I would have no problem at all taking it to Saxon Woods and flying it between the trees (in fact, I plan to do just that once I have  a little more practice under my belt- I was constantly looking up and thinking “a shot would look great from up there” when I was walking the dog today).

Anyhow- here are a few of the shots I took-

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