My new drone arrived yesterday- I’ve been saving up for a while for this and it was worth the wait!

It’s a DJI Mavic, which is basically a pro-sumer camera drone- very different from the little racing drone I built a while back. That was very twitchy and difficult to fly, this is a whole different animal that has a very sophisticated GPS navigational system, down and forward firing sensors that allow it to know where the ground and obstacles in front of it are, and a camera on a three-axis gimbal that stays rock steady. It has a remote that you use with a phone or tablet that gives you a view from the drone with a range of 4 miles! It is so cool because if you let go of the controls it basically just hovers in place, even compensating for any wind, so you can line up a shot precisely before hitting the button. Oh, and it shoots 12MP stills in RAW, and 4K video at 30fps 🙂

That’s a lot of technospeak for what is really a very sophisticated flying camera and video platform. It has a “sport” mode where it will fly at up to 45mph, but I’m really interested in photography from a whole new angle-

This was it’s maiden flight (I wanted to wait until I’d got it fully covered under my camera gear insurance!), and these pictures are taken on “auto” and then very minimally tweaked in Lightroom. I think I have some research and practicing to do, but I’m hugely impressed at the potential it’s showing so far!

And, just for the fun of it, here are a couple of short videos I shot while I was fooling around-

Again, I have a lot to learn (the sunshade I’m using to protect the gimbal makes an appearance in this second one), but It’s amazing how steady the video is. I just need to learn a bit of finesse with the controls 😉

So- very happy so far! watch this space 🙂

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