She’s all moved in :)

She’s all moved in :)

So we finally got the key thing sorted out and she’s all moved in and as happy as I’ve ever seen her. The room she has is huge (I think it was originally a double as when we arrived there were two beds in it- we have submitted a work order to have one removed, but for now they told us to just take it down and leave it up against the wall), in fact it is quite a lot bigger than her room at home- she’s going to have to be careful who she invites in coz people are going to hate her- the doubles and triples are very cramped!

The bathroom is cramped but functional, and is not shared with anyone!, and now Jackie has cleaned it and put up the cool shower curtain we got it looks awesome. We’ve unpacked everything and everything is all set up: TV, laptop, posters, bulletin board etc.; except the micro/fridge (which arrives on Tuesday), getting her Google Home onto the wifi (we need a password), and she is missing a light bulb in her supplied floor lamp (another work order).

I have to say I am deeply jealous of her- it is an awesome space to live in, and I think she knows it. She could not stop grinning excitedly and bubbling over about all the events that are planned in the next week.

We left her after many hugs to look forward to dinner and the the Freshman carnival on the Great Lawn and came home to our slightly emptier apartment. I think it will take a little while for it to fully sink in that she doesn’t live here any more…

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