Micro/Fridge delivered

Micro/Fridge delivered

The micro/fridge has been collected and brought up to her room. It was basically an excuse for me to go over and check in with her and see how she is doing (which she saw straight through), but she seems to be quite happy and her room is still fairly neat, though they still haven’t taken away the second bed.

I went online and paid for her online bio textbook and then we took a walk over to the bookstore and picked up the response card she needs for her bio course (it is basically like a remote control clicker which she uses to click and register attendance and answers to class questions in her bio lectures). Then we walked back via the More Store, the on-campus convenience store (which is open ’til 2 am) and grabbed a couple of milkshakes.

Her classes have not been much more than intros and syllabuses so far, and she’s looking forward to joining a couple of the fun clubs on campus to find some of her “people” to hang out with, but she seems to have slotted into college life quite easily 🙂

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