I continue to be impressed…

I continue to be impressed…

I had shared the post about my new website on Facebook, and people had started to share it far and wide, which is great, but I realized that I was a little uncomfortable with some of the albums I had included of family events being shared with strangers.

The example albums are one thing, they are designed to show off my photography, but the family stuff is pictures of family and friends and their kids just having fun. The family have always been very tolerant of me taking tons of pictures when we are together, and I don’t want them to start to feel uncomfortable that those pictures will become too public.

I thought I was going to have to either go back to just sharing family pictures on Facebook (but really, how private is anything on FB) or create a second website for family stuff that I could try and share more privately. But after a little thought and a bit of research I found I could very easily just password protect the family stuff so it could stay on the same website but still be private- and I was amazed how easily this could be accomplished with tools already built into WordPress 🙂

So… you will see that the Galleries have now been split into three areas: the Example Galleries; a section of Public Galleries that will have pictures I take of things that I am comfortable sharing with anyone- nature pictures I take in the woods, general public church events and other stuff; and then a section for personal family pictures that is password protected (if you are family or a family friend contact me and I’ll give you the password).

I’m much happier with things set up like this, and am very pleased how easy it was to reconfigure things with WordPress. This also means that going forward I now know what to do so it will be very easy to create private pages if I want to share pictures of a shoot privately with a client 🙂

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