Housing update…

Housing update…

So, it turns out they have not been able to find any housing with other gender neutral students, so they’ve given her a single in Farside (#13 on this campus map).

It’s a little further away from where all her classes will be held (but not by much- the whole campus is pretty compact), but is close to the dining hall,  the vegetarian restaurant and Starbucks. It’s also more expensive to be in a single so we’re waiting to see if they’re going to make us pay the extra (as this is their screw-up), but it’s not a huge deal if they do- as from what I can tell the singles look really nice! The only picture or anything I could find online is this video about living on campus- it seems to show a single from 36″-43″, and if that’s what it’s actually like I’m really not unhappy 🙂

In some ways I really wanted her to have roommates, but maybe in fact this is better as a transition into college life. She’ll be living on a hallway with a bunch of other people, sharing a bathroom and communal areas etc. and, as she says, she’s hoping to be too busy to be spending much time in her room other than sleeping and studying 😉 And she can always apply to share with her new friends her sophomore year 🙂

She will, however, not have the advantage of a roommate to wake her up and say “don’t you have class in 10 minutes?”, so I’ve ordered her an extra loud alarm clock!

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