I can see you

I can see you

So I bought myself one of those little, wireless pan-tilt-zoom video cameras to fool around with- it connects to the internet and you can access it from anywhere with your phone. I had it set up at home to test it last night and had turned on the feature where it would send me an alert and record a few seconds when it detects movement. We were out at the Fanwood Prom, but here is the video it sent me when Cris got home from work at the club 🙂

And here is the video it sent me when she used it to let me know she’d taken Holly out to pee 🙂

The plan is that eventually we will set up the camera by Dipper (the Leopard Gecko)’s tank so Crisp can check in on her from the dorm when she’s away at school, but I think we’ll have some fun with it first 😉

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