Fame at last ;)

Fame at last ;)

So my blog post about my new midi/open source Lightroom controller from the other day has been picked up by the renowned photography website PetaPixel 🙂

I had also posted it on r/photography on Reddit where it had gained quite a lot of comments, and this morning I got a nice email from one of the PetaPixal editors asking if they could repost it- and of course I said yes. Above is a screenshot of their home page with it as the top post (as they post newer articles it will get pushed down), and the article itself is here.

I usually write these photo-and-other-geeky-stuff how-to’s for myself really, it’s like a combination of a diary and notes in case I want to go back and see exactly what I did and where I got the info etc., so it’s nice to have it recognized for a wider audience 🙂 …but it does make me realize that I need to do something about getting my website finished (the main url, www.crispian.org, just goes to a placeholder with a link to the blog right now), and kinda makes me wish I’d taken better pictures for that post instead of using crappy cell phone ones. Oh well…

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