Excellent news :)

Excellent news :)

Sorry not to have posted for a while- it’s been crazy busy at work what with the Bishop’s visit and 4 funerals in the last week and a half (and another one tomorrow!).

Anyhow, Cris has begun her internship at the funeral home next door and is having a great time; she’s been helping with their computers, setting up printers, sorting old files, alphabetizing cremains (ashes), registering death certificates at city hall and more! She seems to have fitted right in and I think she’s actually being helpful.

But the best news is that she got an email this morning to say that she’s been accepted into the Summer Success Fellows program in July at Purchase 🙂 This is a program for first-generation students to help them get used to the idea of college life (although Jackie went to college, she was a commuter student so I guess they feel she qualifies as a first-generation dorm-living college student). She will go to her regular orientation on Wednesday, July 19 (everyone goes to a one-day orientation on one of 4 days, July 17-20), but then she stays on campus, living in a dorm room with a room-mate, going to a few classes, learning the ropes and where everything is, for three days and nights until Saturday.

She had to apply specially for this program, and part of it is that she will then use her new-found knowledge to help others once term starts. I think this will be really good for her, as she is a single child who has never had to share a room with anyone, and I think the chance to have this “trial run” before moving in for real in August will help a great deal with some of those anxieties about starting her college career- yet another reason why I’m so pleased with her choice of school 🙂

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