Senior Internship

Senior Internship

As the final part of their senior year, Rye High School kids must do an internship for a month, 20 hours a week, during which time they do not have to go to classes. They find a local company and approach them, and then must complete a journal during the working period and then do a presentation to their advisers at the end which will include a report from their “site supervisor”.

And my always surprising daughter has done it again, she will be spending a month working for the funeral home next door to the church. By the sound of it she will mostly be doing secretarial and computer work and answering the phone etc., but it will give her an interesting inside look at a field she is keen to know more about. And she’s very smart- she’ll have a commute almost as short as mine and an entry that will be guaranteed to pique interest on her resume! And she’s done it all herself, I made the initial introduction as I work with Graham’s on a fairly regular basis, but she took it from there and called and arranged an interview and went over this afternoon to meet them and obviously made a good impression as it’s all sorted out.

She never ceases to amaze me 🙂

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