New Year, New Battery

New Year, New Battery

So my car has been a little hesitant to turn over the last couple of mornings (not surprising considering how cold it has been); it has always started, but as it has done this before I decided to take it in to my mechanic to check it out before it left me stranded- and I’m glad I did.

Turns out the battery is almost dead- it shows an 80% charge but 25% health and low cranking amps- so they replaced it for free under warranty 🙂 as it was new on January 5 last year– but that was a warranty replacement for a battery that was replaced on Feb 16, 2015, also under warranty for a battery I bought in May 2013.

For some reason this car just seems to eat batteries- this’ll be the 5th battery in 4 years!

My mechanic asked if I wanted to try another brand- but recommended I didn’t as if I did I’d lose the warranty- so I’ve stuck with the same as I haven’t had to pay for one since the original replacement in 2013. Wonder how long this one will last…?

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