Working late…

Working late…

During this afternoon’s staff meeting my laptop decided to die- and it has all the Christmas bulletins on it!

Thank the Lord I run a sensible operating system (Kubuntu Linux) which meant I was fairly quickly able to narrow down the problem to a bad hard drive. A quick trip to Staples to pick up a new SSD drive and a quick download of the latest version of Kubuntu and I’m back up and running 🙂 but now comes the fun bit- getting it to work on my dual monitor dock, making it talk to our big production printer, and adding all the little tweaks that make it run the way I like. 
Oh, and of course resurrecting the bulletins… they’re all backed up to the cloud, but if I can lift them off the old, failed drive I can save a ton of time rather than having to download them all- wish me luck!

Update- 11:15pm- I think we’re there 🙂 I can print (after a few false starts), it works on my monitors and dock (though it loses the configuration on a reboot), and I think I’ve got all the important info off the old drive! Just going to leave it to finish copying everything across overnight, and hopefully I’ll be able to fix the few little niggly things when I come to it fresh in the morning.

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