Home-made fog chiller

Home-made fog chiller

Last year with dry ice, smoke and lasers

We have another “Pipe Screams” Hallowe’en organ concert this Sunday, and I can’t find anywhere where I can buy dry ice for fog any later than Saturday morning- and it won’t last until Sunday afternoon 🙁

But the internet to the rescue! I found a YouTube video on how to make a “fog-chiller” (https://youtu.be/ku1fBghJF84). Basically you take a big tub and fill it with ice, make some holes at the bottom with a grill to keep the ice in, and direct the output of a smoke machine into the top. The smoke goes through the ice and is chilled so that when it comes out of the holes at the bottom it is colder than the surrounding air, so it stays on the ground like dry ice smoke.

I adapted the design a little (of course), but it’s pretty much the same and works surprisingly well-

This was just with a single 7 lb bag of ice in the bottom, so it should work even better on Sunday with about 50 lbs of ice in it 🙂

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