Friday off in the woods

Friday off in the woods

I decided it’s been too long since I just went out with my camera to take pictures for my own enjoyment, so today I took my 7Dii to the woods with Holly. Much as I love my 6D, I’d kind of forgotten how good the 7Dii is, especially when paired with the excellent EF-S 10-22mm 🙂

I need to get back in the habit of doing this more often!

This old tree becomes almost abstract with this B&W HDR treatment
Sunlight through the leaves
I like this one a lot- almost as much as my favorite one of Holly sitting on a log- I need to play with this one some more!
This lens is surprisingly good for macro
I’ve no idea who these guys are- I just liked them as a focal point in this composition
Doof 🙂
Caught her mid-blink
More sunny leaves
I like the contrast in this one
And I like the detail in this
Dog and ball
This did not work as well as I’d hoped- I think I blew it by using a shallow depth-of-field and putting the focus on the bench, it should be on the trees beyond the bench
“Can’t a girl get a moments privacy for her bath?”

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