Drivin’ through the woods

Drivin’ through the woods

For some reason the section of Saxon Woods where we go most every day was closed off with construction barriers today, but no matter- we just went to the northern section up by the pool. And I took my Everest-10 rock crawler along for the fun of it too, with my little Mobius action camera, sometimes mounted on the truck and sometimes aimed at it 🙂

It looks a bit funny coz I had to trim off the “hood” of the body so it didn’t block the camera… the next thing I want to do for it is to fabricate a roll cage type body that will protect the camera and the electronics while not blocking the view.

Anyhow- here’s a little video of some of the fun we had 🙂

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  1. This is really excellent. I love the way you blended the various bits of video together. It felt like a story. And just sayin, in my mind I always pictured Holly full out running the whole time in the woods. This was fascinating!

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