Rock Crawler

Rock Crawler

Had a blast walking around the woods today with the Everest 10 1/10 scale rc rock crawler I got a couple of weeks ago. It’s not quite top-of-the-line hobby grade, but it’s pretty awesome for the price, $135 on Amazon, but I paid much less as I had a credit from a class-action settlement- something about e-book prices 🙂

It has awesome suspension travel and after applying a few of the mods I found on the interweb I think it’s probably as good as some of the rosck crawlers going for 4 times as much. Not that it will mean much to most people, but I have: added weight to the wheels by taping metal washers around the inside of the rims (3oz in the front, 1 1./2oz in the back), star-cut the tire foams, cut every other ridge off the tire treads to give it more grip, upgraded the battery to a 2200mAh 3S lipo, and changed the motor for a 35T one (much faster and just as torque-y as the stock one).

Today was the first time I’ve really done more than drive around the parking lot, and so the aim was to see if I could do the entire middle loop (about 1 1/2 miles) without touching it, ie. it had to get around under it’s own steam with me just controlling it- no moving it out of trouble allowed- and it did it! there was one touchy moment when I approached a big rock at too straight an angle and rolled it, but I managed to spin the wheels and get it back upright without having to touch it. Some of the terrain around the woods is pretty steep- so I’m really impressed with it, and it used less than half the available safe charge in the battery.

Holly was a little distrustful of it, but after a few minutes she just happily jogged along with it (I’m very glad I went with the faster motor- it means it can do more than a brisk walking pace on the flat so I don’t have to slow my usual pace).

Perhaps tomorrow, if it’s not as crazy hot as they predicted, we’ll see if I can do the whole, long loop with it… and then I’ve got to look into where to mount the camera… 😉

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