New Canon G16

New Canon G16

I just got myself a new little toy in the recent Canon Refurbished website sale (got a really good deal on it and you’d never tell it’s not brand new!)- a Canon G16 point and shoot camera. For a while I’ve been wanting something smaller and easier to stick in a pocket than my DSLR, but better and more controllable than my phone camera- and this seems to fit the bill nicely 🙂 The very nice and fast (f/1.8) lens retracts fully, it has full manual control (along with a really good auto mode), and, best of all, it shoots RAW! It gets really good reviews as an “enthusiast’s point and shoot”.

I’ve just been playing around with it for a couple of days, but I’m very happy so far! This will be a great camera to keep in the car or in my desk, or to take on a hike on vacation if I don’t want to carry the big DSLR. The image sensor is still tiny, so it won’t replace the DSLR for serious stuff, but it’ll still take pictures that I can print or use on web that I won’t be ashamed of 😉

Here’s a few shots from the first couple of days as I play around with it…

Surprisingly good in low light for such a tiny sensor…

…no flash used 🙂

The detail is quite good.

And the dynamic range to get the dappled sunlight in the woods…

…is quite impressive too.

This is using the special “bokeh” portrait mode.

Holly enjoying the coolth and putting up with the paparazzi.

The macro mode is a nice bonus.

Doofenshmirtz dog 🙂

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