More FPV fun :)

More FPV fun :)

So this afternoon I finally got a few minutes to play with my fpv rc car again. This time I put the screen in my modified welding mask and actually drove around using it to see where I was going- it’s a blast to race around that close to the ground 🙂 Here are some highlights…

I obviously knocked something loose towards the end there as the video got really crappy, but the camera and transmitter are still mounted kind of temporarily while I play around.

I kind of like the view through the missing windshield with a glimpse of the wheels below the body at the bottom, and this works well for tearing around at speed in the parking lot, but I think I have to find a way to mount the camera higher so I can actually see the wheels and the ground in front of me better if I’m going to take it on rougher terrain in the woods. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll try that….

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