New project :)

New project :)

What with the weather over the winter and the new FAA and local rules, it is really tough to get out and fly my racing drone. Living so close to Westchester County Airport and so many schools and other things etc. there are so many restrictions that I always feel kind of worried when I do fly around here that I’m gonna get in trouble. I still have my little drone to play around with that is small enough to not fall under the FAA rules if I want to fly, but I don’t want to waste all the radio and fpv gear that’s in the other drone.

So I decided I will re-purpose some of it so I can still use it in the big drone if I want to (on vacation or whatever), but still have some fun with it around here- in an rc car that I can use anytime in the parking lot or in the woods 🙂

I got a cheap ($100) 1/12 scale hobby grade rc car from Hobby Town. “Hobby grade” means it is a step above the toy rc cars you get from Walmart- Hobby Town has all the spare parts and some upgrade parts for it, and it has proper proportional servos (the steering is not full left or right, you can steer just a little like a real car, and the throttle goes smoothly from a crawl to full speed). I’m starting small like this to see if it’s as fun as I think it will be- but this is not a throw-away car, it has all the real features and is quite upgradeable if necessary.

The other thing I like about this car is that it has lots of room under the body shell to fit in the fpv and radio gear so it will stay protected in case of flips and crashes.

I had a blast yesterday just zooming it around the parking lot- now to get to work on it on the workbench and see if I can fit in the camera and stuff and make it all work 🙂

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