fpv car- it works :)

fpv car- it works :)

So I’ve been doing a little tinkering in odd moments to add the fpv set-upto my new, little rc car, and this afternoon I got it to the stage that I could test it outside for the first time 🙂

Here’s the car all set up and ready to go- I’ve cut out the windshield because although it was only clear plastic it still made the video fuzzy, but the camera is mounted inside so it’s still protected. The antenna pokes out of the rear deck just in front of the rear spoiler, so if I flip the car the spoiler should give it some protection.

The camera is mounted to the roof, looking out through the gap where the windshield used to be, and the transmitter is mounted behind it with the antenna sticking out behind it and through the rear deck. The battery I’m using to power the fpv gear sits very nicely in the little roll cage (the main car battery goes in a slot underneath the car).

Here are another couple of views of the camera looking out through the windshield. I was a little worried that it would not be high enough and so, because of the “hood” in front, you wouldn’t be able to see enough of the ground in front of you to drive properly- but it actually works pretty well 🙂

The combination receiver and screen that I use has a slot for a microSD card, so you can record exactly what the screen is showing. The video above is from my first test outside driving it around, and it actually works really well 🙂 I didn’t have the all the batteries fully charged, and I didn’t have the screen in my converted welding helmet so it was a little difficult to see on my lap, but I’m really happy how well it all works. In future I will probably mount my little Mobius HD camera on the roof to record driving videos, but the signal and picture to the screen from this little camera is more than adequate to drive around by!

Now that I know it works I can tidy up the wiring a little, fully charge up the batteries, put the screen back in my helmet and look forward to really having some fun with it 🙂

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