How to be productive on a snowy day?

How to be productive on a snowy day?

This is the second winter that we have someone to do the snow shoveling, but having done it for 20+ years I still can’t get used to sitting still and watching the snow come down- I feel like I should be doing something!

So… I went upstairs this morning and: put away all the microphones from our recording session last weekend and this week, got the church all set up for tomorrow morning (supposing that people are dug out and will come to church), set up for Coffee Hour, rolled up the rug in the chapel to make room for the altar rails after the 10am service tomorrow, moved 2 racks of 48 chairs into the chapel so they’re ready to set out for the Interfaith MLK Service tomorrow evening, tested and sound-checked the keyboard for the same service, answered some emails, and made extra DVD copies of the Christmas Pageant so I can give them to the people who’ve asked for them tomorrow.

I had hoped all that, along with a romp in the snow with Holly, would let me relax, but no- I still felt like I should be doing something- so… I sat down and did our taxes 🙂 It’s not that difficult as we own no property and have one income each and no kid in college yet and I do it online, but ever since I screwed up the first year I moved to the States and ended up owing thousands of dollars (I was self employed and did not understand the system at all!) it looms large over me every year.

Now I finally feel like I’ve been productive today!

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