So I’ve just got back from taking Crisp over to Kristina’s house. We waited until her mother was home from work first as she wanted to meet me (no pressure!). Crisp jumped out of the car when we got there and swept Kristina up into a huge hug-spin (very cute) and they have been together ever since. I was introduced to her older brother (also Chris) and her mother Lorna, who I spent about 2 hours talking to as the kids disappeared into Kristina’s room, very nice and friendly- and as confused about this whole long-distance internet friendship thing as I am.

Crisp had brought Kristina a t-shirt to match one of his favorite ones, and Kristina had got him a shirt to match one of her favorites- hence the cute picture above 🙂

I left them as thick as thieves and will pick up Crisp later when he texts me, and then tomorrow they’re going to spend the day hanging out at the mall along with a few other friends of Kristina’s that Crisp also knows online. Then on Thursday there’s talk of possibly going out on the family boat and then the teenagers having a small New Year’s Eve party in the evening.

But for now- there’s a Cracker Barrel right across the street from the hotel, so I’m going to take my Kindle and do a little reading and people watching as I have a nice, solo dinner 🙂

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