Circle Line

Circle Line

So now I have my new (old) computer set up for editing pictures — my laptop was OK, it was just getting very slow, so I’ve taken an old desktop machine with a slightly faster processor, maxed out the RAM to 16GB, put in a fast SSD drive, upgraded it to Windows 10, installed Lightroom and moved over my catalog and the external drives with all my pictures. Along with the excellent IPS monitor Jackie got me a while back it will make a great photo-editing workstation… I’ve just got to resist the urge to bog it down with other stuff 🙂

Anyhow- here are some of the pics I took on the Circle Line cruise I took with Mum and Dad before they left…

I may have been a tad over-dramatic with some of the skies- it was rainy and overcast, but not tornado weather!
Now to finally get to some of those pictures I took in Vermont…

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