New Kia Soul :)

New Kia Soul :)

 So we finally got to bring our new car home
(why do car dealerships make it such a long, drawn-out process?).

It’s a 2015 Kia Soul Base.

Even thought it’s the base version the stereo is very hi-tech- it has full voice recognition and Bluetooth integration (it syncs to your phone and you can just press a button on the wheel and say, “call Jackie”, and you can plug in a USB stick with mp3s on it and it will suck them right on to it’s own hard drive 🙂 

It’s a bit funky, but it has character 😉

One of the best things about it is that with the high roof that comes all the way to the back there is tons of headroom in the back (something the little Hyundai Accent lacks) and it has 4 doors- Crisp is very happy 🙂

Overall we’re very happy, and we hope it serves us as well as the old Kia Sedona we traded in that we had for the last 10 years!

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