More Vermont flying :)

More Vermont flying :)

After all the rain this morning, it turned into a warm and humid day. We went off to Weston to the Vermont Country Store for a spot of silly shopping and then came home (via the hardware store) and spent the afternoon just hanging out doing our own things before settling down for some serious gaming after dinner 🙂

While Crisp and Jackie were reading and making dinner and stuff, I found that the wind had dropped and it had turned into a lovely evening for flying. I will put together a fuller edited video of all my flying while up here later, but for now, here’s another of my flights…

I’m a little out of practice, but being able to fly on consecutive days makes it much easier 🙂

My hard-working and hard-wearing little quadcopter, the upper camera takes the video above, the lower one is for when I’m flying it “first person view”

Charging the batteries so I’ll be ready to fly again tomorrow 🙂

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