Holly proves why it is National Dog Day!

Holly proves why it is National Dog Day!

After Jackie’s trip to the ER this morning we decided to not let it be a completely blown day by taking a drive to Quechee Gorge to go for a wander around the antiques market (well, Crisp and I did, Jackie stayed outside with a book and her ankle elevated) and to get some excellent “private stock” cheese from the Cabot shop.

Then we came back and I decided to take my drone out for some flying before firing up the barbecue to cook dinner. I was having some problems with a loose connection from the fpv camera, so I did some quick and dirty field adjustments to get it working again and then should have re-calibrated the controller board before flying it again, but thought I could get away without- big mistake!

As you will see in the video below I was having real trouble controlling it and keeping it in the air before I lost it and crashed- hard. In the crash the rubber bushings supporting the main HD camera ripped free and the whole camera flew off the drone into the long grass. I went to pick up the drone and couldn’t find any sign of the camera… I searched for about 10 minutes with no luck, so I went in and brought Holly out figuring she might as well get to run around while I was searching (she has to be shut in the house while I’m flying the drone as she goes nuts barking and chasing it). She watched me searching for a couple of minutes and was looking at me quizzically, so I told her to “seek”, which is what I tell her when she can’t find a tennis ball I’ve thrown, and she started sniffing around. Less than a minute later she zeroed in on one spot and looked at me expectantly- I looked where she was indicating, and there was the camera buried deep in the long grass!

The camera was running the whole time- if you look closely at the timestamp where I fade out to black and back again you will see about 15 minutes has passed 🙂

What an awesome dog! Truly worthy of her own day 🙂

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