Backup quadcopter

Backup quadcopter

Sorry to keep droning on (ha ha), but I was still having some problems with the calibration of my big drone this morning. So, rather than spending ages trying to troubleshoot it I decided to break out my little backup drone 🙂

It’s a little (tiny) Hubsan X4 that I grabbed on sale on Amazon for next-to-nothing a while back so I could have it in reserve in case of a situation just like this. It comes ready-to-fly out of the box, and, apart from just making sure the motors span when I got it, I haven’t actually flown it before.

It’s so tiny it fits in the palm of my hand, but I’ve got to say- it’s a blast to fly! Luckily this morning the wind was very light (I wouldn’t try and fly it outside in any kind of breeze), and it is zippy and responsive and great fun, and even has a little 720 HD camera!

I’m really glad I brought it with me- it doesn’t have the fpv setup the big drone has, but it’s great fun and I had a wonderful time with it. Hopefully the wind will be light enough to fly it again tomorrow morning…

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